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While at Northeastern, students analyzed the impact of humans on the Charles River throughout time and concluded that the river has suffered greatly from pollution. Once students identified the problem and its cause they were asked to design a filtration system which could efficiently treat the polluted waters of the Charles. Students were asked to select from a host of materials to design a filtration device with an eye on materials and effectiveness. Once the engineering process was completed, all groups competed for the best design by not only determining which filter was the most effective but also which one had the lowest cost.

Students correctly concluded that the best way to deal with the negative impact of humans on water is by first reducing the amount and the sources of pollutants entering the watershed and second by treating the polluted water. Students concluded that the best filtration system was one which had many layers of fine materials such as sand and sawdust because these substances allow water to pass through while removing particles and toxins within the water. This laboratory experience at Northeastern reminded many of our students throughout the course of the day of when the Merrimack River was severely polluted.This summer, LFDCS students will be conducting a similar, yet more detailed, study of the Merrimack River as part of our Summer STEM Program.  



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