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Remote Learning Academy - SY’2020-2021

The LFDCS Remote Learning Academy is a cooperative effort developed to support the needs of students and families during periods of remote/hybrid instruction under the guidance of the MA Department of Education. LFDCS recognizes that during periods of remote instruction some students and family  require additional support. The Remote Learning Academy was developed with a focus on providing students and families an option for stimulating in-person academic support and structure as we work to transition into the reopening phases. We understand that learning remotely from home can present challenges for the varying demographics of our LFDCS families. The goal of the LFDCS Remote Learning Academy is to fully support student needs academically and  emotionally during remote/hybrid instruction so they continue to be academically successful.  


     Students’ Academic Success:

  • Provide a safe in-person environment for students to maximize learning and support students’ holistic needs when they are out of the traditional classroom setting
  • Quality remote learning - applying and deepening previously taught skills from the classroom instruction
  • Provide enrichment opportunities that focus on social and emotional learning

     Support for families:

  • Academic support (i.e.; homework assignments, projects and navigating the school management system)
  • Childcare solutions for working families
  • Consistency  in scheduling

Arrival and Dismissal Time:7:30 AM- 3:00 PM (Breakfast from 7:30-8:00 AM) - Rate: $100 weekly

After School Extended Day: 3:00 PM-5:45 PM - Rate: $50 weekly


Cohort A students

  • In School Orientation - Monday, September 14 and Tuesday, September 15
  • Remote Learning Orientation for students enrolled in the Remote Learning Academy - Thursday, September 17 and Friday, September 18 for Grades 2-4, Quintana Center, 404 Haverhill Street (arrival/dismissal will be on the West Street entrance), and Grades 5-6, SISU Center, 417 Canal Street (arrival/dismissal will be in the SISU parking lot)

Cohort B students

  • In School Orientation - Thursday, September 17 and Friday, September 18
  • Remote Learning Orientation for Cohort B students enrolled in the Remote Learning Academy - Monday, September 14 and Tuesday, September 15 for Grades 2-4, Quintana Center, 404 Haverhill Street (arrival/dismissal will be on the West Street entrance), and Grades 5-6, SISU Center, 417 Canal Street (arrival/dismissal will be in the SISU parking lot)

There is no charge for these 2 days.

Staff will complete a visual screening of students upon arrival.

Students must have a mask on as soon as they arrive on campus during drop off in the morning.

Students will sanitize their hands as they enter the building.

*Late arrivals will need to call the front desk and enter through the main entrance.

Capacity:  Students will be 10-12 in a classroom.

Registration and first week:

Registration and weekly payments accepted online at https://secure.lfdcs.org/us/. Registration opens Friday, September 4. Students must be registered  by September 11 to participate in the program starting the first day of school on September 14. The week of September 14 will be no charge as it is school orientation week. The schedule for students that week is Cohort A students will attend school in person on Monday and Tuesday, September 14-15. Cohort B students will attend school in person Thursday and Friday, September 17-18 to meet their teachers and receive their materials. Students enrolled in the Remote Learning Academy will also receive an orientation with their Remote Learning Assistant and will be able to attend the Remote Learning Academy at no charge on the opposite days starting the first day of school.

After School Extended Day at the Remote Learning Academy will begin Monday, September 21 for students enrolled in the program.

In an effort to provide consistency in scheduling for working families, LFDCS is providing the option for families to enroll their child in the Extended Day program following the Remote Learning Academy that will operate from 3:00pm-5:45pm. Parents must pick their child up on time.

Staff:  Remote Learning Assistants work collaboratively with grade-level teachers to support students. Training includes Schoology, LFDCS’s Learning Management System and interactive online tools to support each grade-level teacher, safety protocols with COVID-19 and social and emotional learning In addition to full onboarding orientations and an overview of grade-level curriculum.

Deposit, Rate and Payment Information:

At the time of registration, parents pay a deposit (one week’s payment) which will cover the last week your child participates in the Remote Learning Academy or Extended Day program and the first week. If all payments are paid on time, no payments will be due the last two weeks if your child participates in the program. Payment day is Thursday for the following week and will need to be submitted online using the custom payment option.

Payments are a flat weekly rate per child.


Remote Learning Academy: $100 per student weekly

Extended Day: $50 per student weekly

There is no charge for school vacation weeks because these programs are not in session.

Late Fee: Late pick up charge is $1.00/minute for those who do not pick up their children at the end of their scheduled program time.

Note: Parents are required to pay the weekly fee for any days/weeks in which the parent chooses not to send the child to the program such as additional vacation time outside of the school schedule or sick days. The flat rate also applies should a child miss any days due to suspension.

The weekly rate holds the child’s spot. Parents must notify their school receptionist, and complete the online withdrawal form immediately to prevent additional charges.

Online Payments:

Registration and payments are online at https://secure.lfdcs.org/us/.

https://secure.lfdcs.org/us/register/remote-learning-academy (First time registration)

https://secure.lfdcs.org/us/register/extended-day-program (Extended Day registration)

https://secure.lfdcs.org/us/payment (custom payment for weekly payments of all programs)

Verification letters: One week lead time for any verification letters is recommended.

Tax verification letter: A verification letter for tax purposes will be provided to parents in early January.

Withdrawing a child from the program:

  1. Complete a withdrawal form online at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfOykfQQGo9lX_WK1ktXOYjR4Wm7GIFNmHHvZ3zTJE0O_etlA/viewform?usp=sf_link
  2. Settle account balances (Note: unsettled balances will affect participation in special school events and future program offerings).
  3. Notify the school-day receptionist regarding dismissal changes for the child.

Supplies: Students will have one-to-one supplies. Please plan to send your child to the program with the supplies listed on the school supply list. Students will also need to bring in a set of headphones to plug into their chromebooks to hear lectures.

Technology: Students are required to bring their assigned chromebooks with them daily and fully charged.

Arrival: All students and staff are required to complete a Health Screening Form. This form can be completed as early as 5am prior to the 7:30am start time. The form must be completed before entering the building.

There are two options for completing the Health Screening Form.

  1. QR Code that will send you to the form

Most phones already have a QR reader when you open the camera feature or a QR reader will need to be downloaded.

  1. Health Screening Form - htt ps://forms.gle/Mg6aPEaYxW3syWzo9

Dismissal: Parents/Guardians dropping the student off will receive signage (2 each) to place in their vehicles to help move dismissal along. Authorized adults picking the student up will need to be listed as an emergency contact when registering your child for the program. You must have the sign for pick up.

Enrichment Activities: Enrichment activities are offered on the following topics: Financial Literacy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Health and Wellness and Fine Arts. These topics complement the school day learning, while providing students the opportunity to be creative and participate in fun projects that interest them.

Financial Literacy



Fine Arts

Practice financial management, budgeting and saving skills

Review math concepts and their application to everyday life

Explore what it means to be an entrepreneur    

Hands on STEM activities and digital learning

Utilize the Engineering Design Process to build, design and bring their imagination to innovation

Enhance problem solving skills

Social, emotional and physical self-care

Learn about positive relationships and friendships

Practice healthy living habits

Mindfulness and Teambuilding

Engage in activities that focus on the arts and self-expression

Activities that encourage creativity and communication

Explore art history, culture and diversity

Remote Learning Academy/ Extended Day Policies

Policies for the Remote Learning Academy, Extended Day Program and After School Activities correspond with the LFDCS school-day policies. For further review of each policy, please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook. The Remote Learning Academy, Extended Day and After-School activities are additional opportunities for students. Failure to comply with the policies may result in suspension or termination of participation.

Cell Phones: Cell phones will be collected upon arrival to the program and returned at the end of the day. Students must follow the Cell phone policy as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Behavior: As stated in the Discipline Policy (Code of Conduct) , LFDCS believes in a positive environment where children and their families, teachers, staff and administration can feel safe, accepted and respected at all times. 


Behavior that leads to physical harm to others and/or assault to another staff member, or adult

Zero Tolerance Policy resulting in suspension/termination

Disruptive Behavior (Requiring adult intervention and causing consistent disruption of daily schedule and/or events)

Step 1- Verbal warning/time out or break

Step 2- repeated disruptive behavior- parent conference

Step 3- suspension/termination from the program


Zero Tolerance Policy resulting in suspension/termination

Insubordination; Disrespect; Inappropriate Actions (language and/or behavior); Flagrant opposition to staff

Step 1- Verbal warning/time out or break

Step 2- Repeated disruptive behavior- parent conference

Step 3- Suspension/termination from the program

Deliberate destruction, vandalism and theft (including the building, furniture, books and/or materials at the program)

Step 1- Verbal warning

Step 2- Parent conference

Step 3- Suspension/Termination

Leaving the group or walking out of a program

Step 1- Parent conference

Step 2- Suspension/Termination

We are committed to prioritizing safety and learning as we enter this unique start of the school year and look forward to working with you and your child.


Contact Us!

(K-1, K2 & Grade 1)
  10 Railroad Street, Lawrence, MA 01841
  (P) 978 258-6210
LOWER SCHOOL (Grades 2-4)
  34 West Street, Lawrence MA 01841
  (P) 978 689-9863  (F) 978 689-8133
UPPER SCHOOL (Grades 5-8)
  400 Haverhill Street, Lawrence, MA 01841
  (P) 978 738-0609   (F) 978 651-2207