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Home Work
Hey Guys!! 

Just a reminder for hw: 

1. You guys are to finish up the packet that was given to you for hw (I will be grading it with you). Make sure that you provide reasoning for each one of the questions. 

2. Finish up the Bohr model packet

3. Study for at least half an hour the following term as we will have a test tuesday after we come back from break: 

       -  Layers of the earth: Core, mantle, crust (know their                     characteristics) 
         -  Types of plate tectonics: Convergent, divergent and transform 
        -Plate tectonic movement leading to formation of volcanoes, earthquakes and Tsunamis. 
        -Weathering, erosion & glaciation as forces that shape the landscape
         - Weather: factors that affect weather (Sun, global winds, atmosphere and Ocean)


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