XII International Book Fair - October 20-22 Print

Book Fair – panel on the importance of Reading - Feria del Libro - panel sobre la importancia de la lectura temprana

The XII International Book Fair in Lawrence took place on Friday, October 20 through Sunday, October 22. This year’s book fair was dedicated to Columbia and focused on the importance of early literacy readiness, strategies, resources, bilingualism and brain development. On Saturday, October 21 a parent panel for an adult audience was held at the El-Hefni Health Center and children’s activities took place at the Follett Bookstore located at 420 Common Street. LFDCS third grade student, Cazmeer Cruz, proudly shared his second grade classes’ first published book entitled Our Winter Stories Collection to the parent panel and also participated in the children’s event at the bookstore.

SY’2017-2018 will be the 5th consecutive year that students in the 2nd grade have had their work published in a hard-cover book. The 2nd grade teachers coordinate this effort through Studenttreasures.com. Students are asked to write, edit and illustrate a story that goes along with a class theme.  Last year the theme was “Our Winter Stories,” and students wrote short stories that included ideas like, “If I lived in a snow globe…” or “If I could be a super hero…”  This project helps bring together student creativity and experience with the publishing process in writing. It’s a great way for students to see their stories come to life and become real published writers! 

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