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September 7, 2021

Dear LFDCS families,

We missed our students in school very much last year, but we are very happy that they are back this year. We would like to do everything we can in order to keep it that way.

We are starting a voluntary weekly Routine COVID-19 Testing Program to help keep our students, staff and community safe, and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Regular COVID-19 testing of students and staff will help us lower the risk of the disease in our school by finding positive cases of COVID-19 quickly. The testing program will also help identify positive cases in people who do not show any symptoms. Testing will allow us to have regular in-person learning while making everyone feel safer when in-person.

We hope that you will participate by signing a consent form for your child. The more students who participate, the safer our school will be!

What is the Routine COVID-19 testing program?

  • Participating students will be tested for COVID-19 once a week.
  • The test is performed at school.
  • The COVID-19 test is quick, easy and it does not hurt. It is a nasal test that gently swabs the lower inner nostril, and most students will be able to swab themselves. We will accommodate all students’ needs to help them be comfortable during the test. Swabbing is easy as shown in this video: Learn to swab from a second grader.
  • The test is free--you do not need to pay for the test or have insurance to get the test.

How can my child participate in the program?

To participate in the testing program, you need to sign a consent form for your child. You only need to sign up once for the weekly testing. There are 2 ways to sign up:

Thank you

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Darshan Thakkar, JD, PhD., Assistant Superintendent