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October 1, 2021

Dear LFDCS Community,

You may have heard about the various TikTok challenges going around on social media challenging students to vandalize school property and assault staff members on camera, and then upload the videos on TikTok. Fortunately, we have not faced any such situations at LFDCS, but we want you to know that we remain cautious and vigilant.

We are proud that our students have not participated in such dangerous and illegal acts. It shows their good character and leadership. It is also a testament to the great relationships you have with your children and with the school. We urge you to please talk to your children about the dangers of participating in these challenges. These acts amount to crimes. Anyone caught in these behaviors will face disciplinary action, including suspension and expulsion.Again, we have well-behaved students, and we don’t expect any of LFDCS students to participate in these types of challenges or behaviors.

As always, we appreciate your support and thank you for your continued engagement.


Darshan Thakkar, JD, PhD., Assistant Superintendent