Why is the Merrimack River So Polluted? Print

This summer girls in grades 5-8 participated in our 2nd Annual Summer STEM Program. The focus of study this year's study was to determine why the Merrimack River is so polluted and then devise strategies to reduce pollution entering into the river. Students soon discovered that the Merrimac River supplies Lawrence with its drinking water which prompted them to take a site visit to the Lawrence Water Treatment Plant. 

After collecting data on the source of pollution, the girls determined the best way to impact this problem is to raise awareness about waste entering storm drains which carry pollution to the river. Their solution was to design stencils which can be spray painted near storm drains, raising the awareness of citizens about  pollution entering our drinking water supply.  

On the last day of their program the girls met with Mayor Rivera to obtain permission to place these stencils around the city.  The Mayor and the Water Department were in full support of the girls proposal and this fall LFDCS students along with the City of Lawrence will be stenciling storm drains around the city as a means to reduce pollution running into our the Merrimack River.The Summer STEM Program done in partnership with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. This project was presented to the Massachusetts Department of Education where it received high praise for student innovation and civic leadership.